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Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Business owners have enough to worry about and there always seems to be a never-ending to-do list. Yet, one of the most important meetings a business owner, founder, an entrepreneur could make is to plan appropriately for today and the future of their business and personal lives. Regardless if your company is in the Startup, Growth, Mature, Sale or Transfer phase, each area has its own unique opportunities and strategies that can enhance the business, partnerships, employees, and yourself.

What is my business succession plan or exit strategy? Is it current and/or optimal?

How could I improve cashflow, savings, and investments and receive more tax deductions through my business?

Does my family, partners or key executives depend on the business's income? What happens if that income stream stops for any reason?

Adding Value for Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

  • Enhanced Tax Deductions & Advanced Strategies
  • Cash Flow & Liquidity Optimization
  • Efficiently Funding Buy-Sell Agreements 
  • Enhancing Exit Strategies
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Retirement & Passive Income Planning
  • Defined Benefit & Retirement Programs
  • Premium Financing
  • Risk Management Solutions.
  • Employee Benefits (Health, 401K, DB, Life, DI, & LTC)
  • Executive & Key-Employee Benefits, Deferred Compensation