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Families & Communities

When we ask our clients, “What is the Most Important Thing in the World to You” the answer is predominately “My Family”, yet we are often surprised to discover that most have not planned adequately for their loved ones now or into the future. Key areas to keep in mind for family planning include planning ahead for school or college, as well as, planning for potential emergencies and the care that your family will receive, which is particularly vital for those with a medical or special needs situation. We often say good parents worry and great parents plan, the best day to plan was yesterday, the next best day to plan is Today. Being prepared helps ensure your family will maintain their lifestyle if one or both parents is no longer able to provide, as well as, growing your family’s wealth and legacy.

How would your family maintain their current lifestyle should the "bread winner" be unable to provide the income stream that supports the family?

Do you have an effective "in-case of an emergency" plan and a security fund if one or both parents lost their income, become disabled or if the worst happens?

How will you be certain that your savings and investments will put your child(ren) through college now and have enough left for retirement?

Adding Value for Families and Communities

  • College Funding Strategies
  • Efficiently Fund Trusts
  • Host Guardian Planning Workshops
  • Asset/Income Protection Strategies
  • Retirement Planning
  • Enhanced Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Growth & Investment Planning
  • Legacy Planning & Wealth Transfer
  • Host College Funding & Admission Workshops
  • Establish a Solid Financial Roadmap & Foundation