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Nonprofits & Educational Organizations

Nonprofits, foundations and charitable organizations spend countless hours searching for innovative and profitable ways to obtain the capital needed to give back to their mission & cause. At the same time the work in this sector is often daunting & demanding. For some, the pull from volunteers, staff and major donors to expand services can be overwhelming, even worse is the intense pressure to fund programs instead of operating costs or to come up with solutions to problems. RTB Financial Group is committed to bringing value, working in collaboration to enhancing gifting strategies, maximize contributions & donations which can allow for more time to devote to the cause.

How do I efficiently grow my practice, investments, cashflow, income, and later perpetuate my wealth and legacy?

Are you obtaining the highest level of advanced tax deductions for your practice, my clients and/or yourself?

How do I protect my investments, business and stream of income, overhead expenses?

Adding Value for Nonprofits, Charitable Organizations, and Educational Facilities:

  • Analysis & Review of Prior Gifting/Giving Strategies
  • Collaboration in Creation & Monitoring of Gifting Plans.
  • Enhanced Gifting Strategies
  • Investment & Endowment Growth Strategies
  • Employee & Executive Benefits
  • Succession & Legacy Planning
  • Enhanced Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Premium Financing and Advanced Planning
  • Host Workshops for Nonprofit - Donors & Staff