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RTB Scope of Services

Our experts are focused on the client's unique situation(s) today, tomorrow, and into the future. Through our discovery process, we uncover what is important and valuable for our clients, identify any gaps or inefficiencies and create an action-oriented plan(s) to accomplish their goals. 


Understand, Analyze and Evaluate our clients' needs and objectives 

Design & Recommend:

Explore Possibilities, Identify Value Adds, Optimize and Provide Solutions 

Review & Update:

Service, Support and Optimize Alignment through Lifestyle and Economic Changes

Through our process, we focus on providing our clients with Consulting, Collaborating, and Comprehensive Services while addressing the following seven cornerstones.

  • Financial Data: Analyze the Numbers to Clarify and Optimize
  • Asset/Income Protection: Strategies to Maintain & Improve Quality of Life
  • Risk Management: Manage Life Changes, Challenges, Liabilities, and Exposures
  • Accumulation Goals: Build & Monitor Growth and Investments
  • Ancillary Needs: Properly Fund Business Entities to help Protect, Grow, and Preserve Wealth
  • Tax Considerations: Advanced Strategies to Enhance Tax Saving for both Individuals and Businesses
  • Planning: Manage & Monitor Short, Intermediate, and Long-Term Goals