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Real Estate & Development

Real Estate, Development and Construction professionals deal with numerous challenges on a daily basis yet with fluctuations in the industry, it can be highly valuable to create a comprehensive plan to help eliminate vulnerabilities and risk. Regardless if your company is just starting out, well seasoned, or if investing in other companies and developments, it is key to know where you are now and where you want to be while planning for all scenarios in-between.

How do I efficiently grow my business, investments, cashflow, income, and later perpetuate my wealth and legacy?

Are you obtaining the highest level of advanced tax deductions and deferrals for your practice, my clients, and/or yourself?

How do you protect my investments, business, assets and stream of income, overhead expenses?

Adding Value for Developers, Real Estate Pros & Contractors

  • Client Collaboration & Referrals
  • Growth & Investment Planning
  • Asset, Income and Business Protection Strategies
  • High Limits Disability & Overhead Expense
  • Business Optimization Strategies
  • Enhanced Tax Reduction Strategies
  • Premium Finance and Advanced Planning
  • Capital Gains Deferral & Mitigation Strategies
  • Establish a Solid Financial Roadmap & Foundation
  • Trusts and Estate Planning, Charitable Strategies
  • Retirement Planning, Defined Benefit & Pension Programs
  • Succession, Legacy Planning & Wealth Transfer